Trust in Finance

Trust In Finance™ provides advanced, hands-on, immersive and highly interactive training workshops designed to help financial services professionals understand the issues that are driving the decision-making of a new generation of investors and bank customers.

It outlines the $12 trillion investment opportunity that the UN SDGs represent and how the goals correspond to consumer and investor environmental, societal and governance (ESG) priorities.

Our courses teach executives how to:

  • Understand the sustainability issues behind best practice ESG strategy
  • Apply Natural, Social and Human capital principles into investment evaluation
  • Factor EU, UK and global banking industry directives and initiatives into decision making
  • Assess ESG risk for relevant industry sectors
  • Use the UN SDGs to create a strategy built on trust
  • Build transparency into reporting and communications
  • Win investor trust through embracing / integrating sustainability 

Trust In Finance™ is essential for every financial services company. It is specifically designed for executives in:

  • Asset Management
  • Financial Services Marketing and PR
  • Corporate Communications
  • Investor Relations
  • Impact Investing
  • ESG and Sustainability
  • Recruitment

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