How the UN Global Goals can help your business

Why should anyone care about your brand?

That's the question executives in marketing, advertising and public relations have to ask themselves nowadays as a “Crisis Of Trust” threatens to engulf the entire business world.

In today’s hyper-connected society you have to demonstrate how your company is meeting the values, expectations and demands of a new generation of conscious consumers and society.

That's why all of business is trying to prove its authenticity, transparency and commitment to a new generation of consumers and investors personified by Gen Z and Millennials.

Trust In Marketing™ will help you do just that...


Understand and meet the needs of a new generation of consumers

Trust in Marketing™ will show you how to shape authentic and transparent marketing strategies and campaigns that you can be truly proud of, and the public believes in.

By taking this course, you'll feel more confident about communicating the positive work being undertaken by your company or clients and you'll be better prepared to help make a difference to society and the planet.

Through Trust in Marketing you'll learn:

  • Why consumers demand sustainable products and services
  • How social media supercharged the way consumers act
  • How big brands got it wrong and how you can get it right
  • How to build an authentic relationship with Gen Z and Millennials
  • How being transparent wins the trust of Gen Z and Millennials
  • The leadership strategies to drive change in your organisation
  • How inclusion and diversity are revolutionising business
  • How to tell your story and gain trust for your brand
  • How to use the UN Global Goals to build trust in your brand

Trust in marketing features 10 learning modules

  1. How social media changed everything
  2. What real people care about
  3. Listen to and learn from the crowd
  4. A blueprint for authentic marketing
  5. How to collaborate to build trust
  6. How to inspire behavioural change
  7. How to demonstrate radical transparency
  8. How to lead
  9. How to empower and educate
  10. How to tell your story to gain respect

 Explore the modules indepth

Learn with 100 Case Studies and Examples

100 company examples and case studies will teach you how the world's most innovative companies have both created meaningful and impactful sustainable business practices and shaped authentic marketing campaigns to communicate their work.

  • Always like a Girl
  • Microsoft Youthspark
  • REI Optoutside
  • adidas Parley Ocean Sneakers
    ... and many more

Trust in Marketing™ has been created to help executives in:

Marketing Advertising

Public Relations

Corporate Communications

Internal Communications

Sustainability and CSR

Brand Purpose

Drawn from decades of expertise and experience

Trust in Marketing™ is a Sustainly education service and was created by Sustainly founder Matthew Yeomans.  The course is adapted from his new book, Trust Inc., and draws from his 15 years experience and research in the area of social media, sustainability and purpose.

Trust cover with shadow

Are you ready to learn how to build trust and win the respect through authentic marketing and communication?

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